A Girlfriend’s Guide to Breast Augmentation

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Getting a boob job can be one of the best things a woman could ever do to herself. However, some were unfortunate to have encountered some life-changing moments of the scary kind. It looks simple enough and is widely accessible nowadays, but without the proper knowledge about the procedure, you could end up ruining your form and physique, instead of enhancing it. Below are the things you really need to know before getting that dream boob job of yours.

Implants: On Top or at the Bottom of the Muscle

For the uninitiated, there seems to be no difference. But there is and it depends on the kind of implant you are going to use.

For those who choose the saline implants, the ones with a small amount of natural breast tissue, or those with a family history of breast cancer, choose the sub-muscular or the one under the muscle. If you prefer silicone implants and you have a large amount of natural tissue, go for the sub-glandular or over-the-muscle placement. There are also some rare cases when both options are advisable for the patient so please consult your surgeon regarding this matter.

Expected Recovery Period

After choosing the position of the implants, it would be good to know that this would affect the recovery period of the procedure. But generally speaking, the patient should be able to do her regular activities within 7 to 10 days after surgery.

A week off from work would be efficient for recuperating. With this in mind, it would be wise to strategize your schedule and factor in your healing time.

Another important concern when planning for your procedure is to consider the nature of your job. If you lift a lot of heavy things, you should absolutely avoid lifting anything heavier than a gallon of milk, especially within the first week post-surgery. If you have kids in the house, some assistance would be needed, so make sure you enlist one ahead of time.

When to Go Back to Your Routine

The way to go is to do it slowly at first by walking a bit and then do a bit more strenuous activities like aerobic activities when you start feeling more confident and comfortable. If you are the type who lifts weights, you should rest for a minimum of two weeks. You are actually not going to mind this because your body would probably tell you it is not yet ready for such activities. For those who choose to have the implants under the muscle, recovery period will be longer as this creates trauma to more tissues.

Brand Matters

Brands, for the most part, symbolize the quality that you can expect from the products that they sell. In the U.S. you have Mentor, Sientra, and Allergan. Among the three, the one that provides the best service is Allergan which is why a lot of surgeons prefer this brand. This shouldn’t stop you from trying other brands because they would only matter when you need to replace them while they are still under warranty.

Teardrop-shaped Implants

Implants also have different shapes and the round ones are the best because they are completely symmetric, and because of that, would never cause a problem in its position in your body. On the other hand, you have the teardrop-shaped implants that are asymmetric which aside from having a greater projection at the bottom compared to the top, it also has the tendency to rotate which may cause aesthetic problems. If you wish to have it looking more natural, opt for rounded implants instead.

The Need for Breast Lifts

For some women, breast surgery might not be the immediate option to enhance the appearance of their breasts. So what’s the best way to figure out the right one for you? Look in front of the mirror and is your nipples are lower than the breast crease, the additional implants that will be added without removing the excess skin in the area will make the breasts sag. And this is just the beginning because gravity is the enemy that becomes stronger with the passage of time. If this is the case, then a lift should do the trick. And if the surgeon insists on getting bigger implants, walk out of the clinic immediately.

Shape Over Size?

One of the biggest concerns about the kind of enhancement that the patient should get is the perennial choice between size over shape. And because different women have different needs, the options are a lot. But as a rule of thumb, there is a range of sizes that fits most people pretty well.

And let’s not talk about bra sizes. Though it is used to measure how big your breast should be because there are so many factors that could affect the size of the bra, making it a less credible method for measuring breast sizes.

So it all comes down to the most important thing and that is the shape of your breasts. It should be full, yet with the right proportion in comparison to the rest of the body. To come up with the right size, you have to calculate the height, weight, frame, size, and the overall chest size. Surgeons ask the patient to wear different size implants placed inside the bras to visualize the right shape and size for the woman and at the same time, gives the patient a more realistic representation of the kind of breasts that she wants to have.

Bigger is not Better all the Time

As popular as the pop-stars with big boobs are, you should never use it as your basis for what is perfectly attractive for men. Aside from overdoing it would actually be more of a turn-off. The woman needs to consider that she will be putting extra weight on her chest area which could cause problems with her back. Like a true girlfriend, it is best that comfort should be the bottom line of every procedure because no perfect look can replace the confidence you would exude when your body completely agrees with its enhancements.

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Breast Implants: Psychological Effects on Self Esteem

How we are perceived by others can sometimes get to us, but it can also be productive when channeled the right way. However, there are those who dare to go the extra mile just to leave the best impression. One of these measures would be getting surgical cosmetic procedures, with breast implants among the most popular. For the patient, it seems like the best solution and everything shall be alright as soon as they get these implants. But that is definitely not the case.

Establishing the Beauty Truth

On the outside, people who are blessed with great looks appear to have it easier as they appear to be more confident or happier than those who are not so well endowed with captivating profiles. Ironically, that is not exactly the truth. Psychological studies have shown that happiness is just as elusive as it is for the beautiful ones as it is for the others. In order to get a more accurate picture of happiness for people in general, you need to know the differential consequences of self-perceptions and other’s perceptions as far as physical attractiveness is concerned.

Beauty Doesn’t Guarantee Happiness

Having established that, the studies have revealed that there is no relationship between others’ standards of attractiveness and the person’s happiness. This simply, and surprisingly, means that the more physically attractive ones are not happier on average.

On the other hand, and more importantly so, the self-perceptions of physical attractiveness significantly and positively relate to the person’s happiness. Such findings prove that it is easy for people to feel unattractive compared to other’s perception about you. At the end of it all, no other opinion shall matter except for your opinion, no matter how far it is from the reality of things.

Considering the mentioned statements, you get to have a bigger perspective on how breast augmentation affects the patients after the procedure. A lot of patients get their augmentations for different reasons. However, for those who get the procedure to come out more attractive after, they should know exactly what they are getting themselves into.

Studies have shown a wide variety of reactions and outcomes from the surgery. This includes anxiety, depression, social phobia, and body dysmorphia on the downside, especially when unrealistic expectations are set and not achieved. On the other hand, when the procedure is sought with realistic expectations and achieved through qualified surgeons, it offers life satisfaction, self-efficacy, self-esteem, and goal attainment. In the end, it all boils down to expectations.

When Expectations Don’t Meet Reality

Women have different reasons for getting breast augmentation. There are those who have asymmetrical breasts, underdeveloped ones, and the ones that need reconstruction because of cancer. Such reasons normally lead to an improvement in one’s self-esteem. But if your unhappiness is an overall situation and is not focused on one part of the body, the breast implants will not give you the happiness that you need.

That is why most women who desire for breast augmentation do not really suffer from body image problems and are less embarrassed about their breasts to the point that they spent less time worrying about how they look. They wanted to fix that one part of their body and that’s it.

An Important Reality

Unlike diamonds, implants do not really last forever. The truth is, a majority of patients have at least another implant after the first. More importantly, the breasts actually change naturally as a woman ages and this should be included in the bigger picture when the patients are just starting to know more about breast augmentation. At the end of the day, the implants should look as great as the body that hosts it and this makes breast augmentation a lifelong commitment. By giving the patient this bigger picture, the expectations are accurately set and the patient is conditioned for the long haul.

The Psychological Issues

Pre-Operation Blues

Oftentimes the women who want to get this procedure come into the clinic to improve issues on self-confidence and self-image. Such concerns just make it so easy for the women to feel unattractive and they are not exactly the best jump-off points toward getting their boobs done.

From that situation, a lot of patients are not properly informed about the procedure before they had them. This lack of preparation usually happens when the concern of the surgeon is just the money that he shall earn from the patient as he chooses to highlight the financial cost of the procedure and not the physical and emotional ones. Some surgeons push for the patient to get the procedure that they leave out the other risks such as deflation or breakage. Though they are pretty rare, such concern should still be discussed.

Post-Surgery Issues

Choosing to get breast augmentation is understandably a psychologically draining experience for the women who want it. To make it complicated, every woman has a different reaction to the procedure, depending on mental state and motivation for getting the procedure in the first place and the accuracy of the expectations.

Like when the woman sees the boob job as an empowering tool and fails to get the attention of the people who matter to her the most, it will be a big blow to the reality that she has always dreamed off. For this reason, a careful evaluation of the situation should be done before finally getting it done on the patient.

Possible Negative Effects of Uninformed Breast Augmentation on the Brain

When reality and expectations are not met, some very dire consequences can happen to the woman who is now left with two silicone implants inside her.

The great disappointment that they had from results of the surgery deeply affected their self-esteem and self-confidence, causing them to be severely depressed. It is sad to note that they believed the procedure would give them a new life and create a new person out of them, but in the end, the surgery simply highlighted the flaws instead. It is for this reason that surgeons who recognize such women should refer them to a psychologist first before performing anything at all, as realistic expectations are essential before going in.

That is why it is crucial that the seriousness of getting a boob job done is leveled off from the beginning during consultation. An honest discussion between patient and doctor must be established to carefully cover all the details about the procedure — from expectations, how the procedure will be done, and all the possible effects and post-surgery activities that need to be done.

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15 Essential Questions to Getting a Breast Enhancement


Women are now in control of their bodies more than ever before. And the women are now empowered to know what part of their bodies need enhancement and this includes their breasts It seems easy enough, but there are some details that anyone who would like to have their boobs done should know before they go under the knife.

What is Breast Augmentation?

As one of the most popular cosmetic surgical procedures of all time, it is simply the enhancement of the breasts size, shape, or fullness with the use of implants that are strategically placed right under the chest muscles or breast tissue.

Every woman has a different perspective of their bodies with proportions that are just as unique. In these situations, it is the responsibility of the doctor to make sure that the enhancement fits the proportions of the body and that the procedure is safely done.

Who Gets Breast Augmentation?

There are basically three types of women who get boob jobs. First are those who are never happy with their breast size and have realized, at an early age, that they can have bigger breasts. The second type is the women who had children and would like to restore the shape of their breasts to the one they had before breastfeeding. Volume is usually lost and shape is changed for these women. And the third are those who just want to minimally enhance in any aspect imaginable. They are happy with what they have, but would just want to enhance them to their fullest potential.

What are the Different Implants Used?

The implant filling used are either silicone and saline, with the former as the more preferred because it is soft and does not create ripples which create a more natural looking and feeling pair of breasts. Silicone implants come in round and tear drop shapes.

What is the Right Size?

To determine the right size of the breasts, you need to consider the width of your chest and heavily consult with your doctor on the sizes that would be appropriate for it. Smaller implants are preferred because they look more natural compared to the bigger ones that are rather obvious. Take the time to analyze this concern carefully because you would need more surgery, increase your risk, and costs should you encounter any mishaps.

What is the Ideal Shape and Texture?

These concerns shall solely depend on the consultation you will have with your doctor. Expert advice and experience are needed to determine the viability of your desired shape or size.

How Long Will It Take to Heal?

Recovery time is a case-to-case situation, but commonly, women would feel tight and sore for a couple of days after surgery. The improvement noticeably happens daily, with each day giving more comfort than the previous one. If you are planning around this idea, it would be good to take a two-week break. For women who have more strenuous activities, another week or two is advisable. During the recovery period, a supportive garment should be used to keep the arms and shoulders from moving.

Is Breastfeeding Allowed after Breast Augmentation?

There is nothing wrong with this because the ducts and glands needed for breastfeeding are above the implant and should normally work like there was not anything placed bellow it.

Are Mammograms Allowed after Surgery?

Mammography radiographers have experienced seeing a lot of women with implants and have concluded that it would not damage the implants. At most, there might be a need to get more images, just to ensure that the patient is able to get the best examination for her breasts.

How Much Does it Cost?

For Australians, the cost would be around $6,000 and there are around 200 female patients who get them every week. Historically speaking, the price has gone down with Aussie surgeons charging anywhere from $10,000 to $14,000 back in 2014.

What are the Different Breast Augmentation Options?

Aside from the Saline and Silicone implants, there is also the cohesive gel silicone implants that are more popularly known as the “gummy bear.” This implant also uses silicone but thicker and holds the shape better. The downside would be a longer incision. They are placed above or under the pectoral muscle.

Another option would be fat grafting or what is commonly known as fat transfer, which requires the harvesting of the fat cells from another part of the body and injecting them to another. Fat from the stomach, hips or thighs are usually used for this procedure. Around 70% of the injected fat are expected to stay in place.

How to Chose Your Surgeon?

One of the most crucial aspects of breast enhancement is choosing the best surgeon for your desired outcome. Realistically speaking, any doctor can offer this procedure, but to be sure that you are getting the best one, go for the board-certified surgeons. Aside from this aspect, go with those who frequently perform this kind of surgery. Great experience brings out a well-rounded aesthetic and it also enables the surgeon to determine exactly how the procedure would look right after the patient goes under the knife. The facility where the doctor will perform the surgery should be accredited to ensure safety and successful outcome. Before and after photos are also indicators of the surgeon’s abilities and sensibilities so be sure to grab them too.

What to Expect on the Day of the Procedure?

Such procedures would normally take an hour to three hours. The first thing you get upon your arrival at the facility is the administration of an anesthetic. A general anesthetic is usually given while a local anesthetic is given to certain cases as well. Once you are prepared for surgery, the doctor and his team will proceed to follow the predetermined surgical plan the patient made with the good doctor. After the procedure, you will be placed inside a recovery area for observation. Patients normally go home on the same day unless the doctor decides otherwise.

How Long will the Results Last?

Breast Augmentations are expected to last for a long time. But even if this was the case, the patient should monitor the implants on a regular basis. For those who chose the saline implants, all they need to do is look at the mirror because leakage can make the breast look deflated. For those who went for silicone, an MRI is advised after 3 years, followed by a check-up every 2 years. If the fat transfer was your choice, the volume is expected to be lost after quite some time.

Are there any Side Effects?

Breast augmentation is usually successful, especially when done by professional and trust-worthy doctors. However, there are some potential side effects like infection, bleeding, hematoma, scarring, capsular contracture, implant rupture and even an adverse reaction to the anesthesia used.

How will My Scar be Like?

Incisions for this procedure are usually in the fold under the breast, at the border of the areola aright within the armpit crease. The location of the incision would have a lot to do with your preference and how comfortable your doctor is working with it. The good news is that these incisions are usually undetectable by the naked eye.

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What You Need to Know About the New FDA Approved Breast Implants


Women are often sized-up by the size of their breasts and they want to rise to the occasion. This pinned breast augmentation on the map with a good number of women flaunting their newly minted pairs. A good portion of them have used breast implants to enhance the size and shape of it, making the implants a cause of concern for those who are bent on having the perfect breasts. A company called Allergan is mighty aware of this need and has recently launched their FDA implant called the NATRELLE INSPIRA® Cohesive breast implants.

The Implants

The Natrelle Inspira Cohesive breast implants combines the needed “high gel-fill ratio” with the highly cohesive gel of Allergan to produce the best-customized results. This is available in smooth and Biocell textured surfaces, with both of them approved for use by the FDA.

On the surface, the innovation seems to be insignificant, but its value lies on the empowerment it gives to the surgeon to produce the desired shape of the breast in the most accurate manner in terms of look and feel. The texture of the finished products is comparable to gummy bears. What makes it different would be the amount of gel in it.

Think of the high-gel ratio as a condition that is similar to having a tire that is pumped with more air. In that situation, you do not really see the tire get bigger, but you can tell that it has become firmer and fuller. The same effect is expected with the boobs when inserted with this kind of implant.

This quality allows the surgeons to provide more options to their patients and cater more accurately to the specifications of the patient.

A Much-Awaited Innovation

With the current batch of implants, most are soft and smooth which prevents it from attaching itself to the insides of the breast. This results to the implant freely floating around inside the breast of the woman. Such freedom would consequently lead to the slumping of the implant. Later on, the woman would then begins to feel the little ripples caused by the unfilled spaces.

If the implant is fixed to the body, it would not slip everywhere and would fill out the breasts a lot more, giving them the full and round look that you associate with women in their physical prime. The younger set of women would benefit the most from this because they would look very natural with the perky nature of breasts at such an age.

Aside from the fuller look, most women are after a higher projection, which is basically how the boobs go far out from the chest. The design of the implants make the projection look higher which is perfect for women who are just after the perkier angle of the breasts that would make them more desirable without really enlarging them to ridiculous sizes.

As part of the seemingly child-friendly category called the “gummy” implants, it goes beyond the increased breast fullness that it can easily provide by making it resistant to compression that is caused by overlying tissues. With the implant firmly planted, there is elimination of gel migration and distortion of the implants as the use progresses.

The Patients Who Need The Implants

With the increase in the number of choices, the number of equipment that would allow the surgeon to completely achieve the best results for the breasts also follows. As such, the patients who shall truly benefit from the new technology are those who are after the smooth and round implants as well as those with constricted lower breasts that are in need of a lower pole expansion. Those with breast cancer can expect some comfort from the use of the implants too.

Possible Complications With Breast Implants

As technology advances, there are still some possible complications that may arise from the procedure. These include the cost of another operation for implant removal, ruptured implants, and in some cases, severe capsular contracture, which refers to the severe scar tissues found around the implant.

Other complications would be the change in the skin sensation, unsightly scars,  wrinkling and rippling of the breasts, and most unfortunately, the asymmetry that might happen with the breasts.

Who Can Get Breast Implants

The woman should be at least 22 years old if she wants to get silicone-filled implants for her breast augmentation. This includes the increase in breast size along with revision surgeries that aim to correct or make better the results of the primary augmentation surgery.

Those seeking for breast Reconstruction are also good candidates. This kind of reconstruction would include primary reconstruction for the replacement of breast tissues that were removed because of cancer of physical trauma and the reconstruction that is done to correct the unfortunate results of the primary reconstruction surgery.

Who Can’t Get Breast Implants

This list includes women who have an active infection on any part of the body are not allowed to get implants. Cancer or pre-cancer patients who have not received the needed treatment for their condition and women who are pregnant or already nursing at the time of the augmentation complete the list.

FAQs Before Getting Breast Implants

The implants will not last a lifetime and there might be a need to get additional surgery.

A good majority of the changes to the breast are irreversible. So when you later on decide you do not want them anymore, there is a chance that you would experience the permanent and unsightly dimpling, wrinkling, and puckering of the breasts.

Mothers who value breastfeeding should steer clear from implants because they shall affect your capability to provide milk to your child. It can be anywhere from a minor reduction to the complete elimination of milk production.

Implants are prone to rupture, yet it silently happens and will not be easily detected by your doctor. To be sure that the implants are still in good shape, you should get an MRI three years after the augmentation and then a precautionary check two years after for as long as the implants are inside your breasts. Once a rupture is determined, the doctor should remove the implants with the option to replace it or leave it without a replacement. In relation to this, expect an increase in the difficulty to get a routine screening mammography and other examinations for breast cancer.

Request your doctor to teach you how to distinguish what the breast tissue is from the implant. The symptoms of a ruptured implant include the hard knots or lumps found in the surrounding areas and in the armpits. Also take note of changes in the size or shape of the breasts as well as pain or a tingling sensation in the breasts. As soon as you notice any of the symptoms, go straight to your doctor and have the ruptured implants immediately.

Things to Tell Your Doctor Before Augmentation

It is important for your doctor to know if you have an autoimmune disease like lupus, any planned chemotherapy and radiation therapy after breast implant placement, and conditions that would stop the healing of the wounds and blood clotting.

Most importantly, make the doctor aware of any clinical diagnosis of depression or mental health disorders.

If you are looking for the best place to get your breast implants, Esteem Cosmetic Surgery in Australia is to right clinic to approach. Our team of board-certified cosmetic surgeons are updated in the field of breast augmentation.

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7 Breast Augmentation Sizing Tips that Will Give You a Size that Flatters


Breast  augmentation surgery is under elective procedures that are designed to enhance the body. Although it is a personal process, choosing a breast implant size entails taking several factors into consideration.

Choosing the right breast size is crucial to the total aesthetic outcome of your procedure, and your comfort as well. This is why you just don’t randomly say that you want to get double Ds out on a whim. Sizing is an important part of your breast augmentation process because ultimately it will lead you to results that you will be happy about, and it’s a fun activity too.

Here are some tips to consider in sizing up for new cups!

Consider the Personality You Aim to Exude

Take your personality into account and learn how you want to be perceived by the public in deciding your implant size. Ask yourself whether going for a certain size would complement your overall persona and body shape. Remember that the outcome should enhance your form instead of drawing in unwanted attention. So think about how you want to be perceived overall, and this should bring you a step closer in making a decision.

Base It On Your Stats

Your height, weight and body type are necessary factors in determining the size of the implant that would be suitable for you. Larger women are better with more volume to their implants, while small women do well with a more discreet size. The bottomline here is that it should not scream that you had a procedure done, but rather ease in beautifully into your form.

Focus on You

The decision to go for breast augmentation surgery is often drawn from a certain inspiration, or a peg. For instance, you might tell your surgeon that you want a bust size like that of Kim K, or you want something similar to that on your friend.

You and your friend, or even you and Kim K, might have similar body sizes but we have to take our own profile into primary consideration. Sizing is not a cut and dry process. For example, ordering a dress online which looked beautiful on the model doesn’t necessarily mean that it also flatters you the same way. The same is true for breast implants. Don’t pick your breast implants based on how a certain size and shape looks on another person, instead focus it on you. Go for what looks best on your form.

Make it Appropriate for Your Lifestyle

You don’t want to swear off crossfit simply because you’ve committed to implant sizes that are too big for comfort. If you are extremely active, you should not choose breast implants that will interfere with your fitness routine.

Use the Rice Test

A DIY method to estimate the breast implant size that is most suitable for you is the Rice Test. You take a plastic bag with a certain measure of rice and place it under your bra. You can use the following for reference:

  • 1/8 cup – 30 cc
  • 1/4 cup – 59 cc
  • 1/2 cup – 118 cc
  • 3/4 cup – 177 cc
  • 1/3 cup – 78 cc
  • 2/3 cup – 156 cc
  • 1 cup – 236 cc

Once you find the right amount that gives you the look that you want, you can inform the surgeon and from based on that information, he can advise you accordingly. Surgeons will also give you a range of implant sizes that are most appropriate for your anatomy based on his assessment.

Ask to Check Before and After Photos

Most surgeons who perform breast augmentation have a portfolio of before and after photos. These will help you evaluate the quality of the doctor’s work and his concept of what an appropriate appearance is like.

Consider the Shape and Size of Your Natural Breasts

The female breasts naturally come in a variety of shapes. It can either be tubular, sagging (ptotic) or atrophic (no breast tissue). It can also be naturally small, large or just the average size, and almost all women have assymetrical breasts. The importance of being aware of this information is because there are certain approaches used for these cases. For instance, some breasts may require a breast lift, while some may need some correction first before breast implants can be introduced, such as the case with tubular breasts. These information has an important influence on the implant size that will be most suitable on you and the technique the surgeon would have to use.

Deciding on an implant size may be a personal preference, but you just don’t make unbridled decisions without thinking of how it would actually look on you. Your comfort is also a major consideration because an overly large implant will not only feel uncomfortable but it can also pose certain health issues such as postural problems, back pain or shoulder pain. In fact, these are the usual reason why some celebrities decide to go down a size.

If you are mulling over getting breast implants, take these tips into consideration. Remember that you will be deciding on something that you might carry for years to come. So, give yourself the best possible outcome you can with the knowledge and preparation you have.

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7 Bra Shopping Tips After Breast Implants



Giving your breasts the right support ensures that the shape and form you now achieve is maintained.

You finally braved breast augmentation surgery, and now it’s time for you to face the world ahead with better shape. Doing so means making the right choices to maintain the aesthetic value of your surgical decision. The challenge now is in finding the bra that offers you the right comfort and support. To guide you, here are some pointers to consider:

1. Give it time to heal

The surgeon’s advice slightly varies but they agree on one thing – that is to give it some time to heal before you go shopping for bras. The reason behind it is to ensure that most of the swelling has subsided, also allowing the implants to settle or “drop”. So, before you ease into that dainty brassiere, you might have to wear a sports bra or a compression garment. This promotes comfort while you heal from the swelling.

2. Do you research

Use your recovery time to do some research. Learn what you can about finding a good bra for post-transplant patients. Through this, you’ll appreciate the fact that there’s a plethora of options available for you to perfectly complement your form. Research will also help you to better understand the right support that your new breasts need. You can also go to forums where you can find support and advice from women who had the same journey as you.

3. Never buy your bras all at once

Don’t get too excited and purchase new bras in various colors and designs. Don’t go haywire on shopping since your breast size and overall fit will continue to change over the months, especially if you had breast augmentation done with other procedures, like a breast lift or liposuction.

At this point, you might want to transition from compression garments to recovery bras. Instead of the usual silk, cotton, and laces, a recovery bra would be more appropriate and beneficial as it is padded with an elastic fabric called a powernet. This is designed to provide compression and additional support. It remains to be sturdy while staying smooth and soft against the skin.

4. Get Sized Properly

For both breast augmentations and reductions, important areas to measure are the bust and underbust as these areas drastically change post-surgery. Get properly sized at your local department store or a specialty boutique. These measurements will help you determine your exact size so that you can find a bra that will be able to provide adequate support, as opposed to relying on estimates. Even the size given to you by your surgeon prior to surgery may slightly vary after the procedure.

5. Don’t Let the Numbers Get to You

You might have asked your surgeon a certain size, but then you find out that you are one cup size smaller or bigger when shopping for bras. Don’t let this get you worked up because the truth of the matter is that bra sizing is not standardized. This is often left to the manufacturer to determine, which is why it is important to actually try them on for size.

6. Try Different Styles

Sometimes, even with the right fitting, different bra styles can cup the shape of the breasts differently. For this reason, it helps to try on different styles to see how comfortable it is for you or find how certain designs compliment your new form. However, for the first few months, surgeons advise against bras with underwires since this could create undue tension particularly if the incision is made under the breasts. It also hampers the breast implants to settle into their natural position.

7. shop Personally

Online shopping may seem so convenient, but if possible, personally shop for your new bra. Yes, sizing charts may be used as guides, but wearing it and assessing the fit would be a more accurate test. A bra may look good on a model or a mannequin, but it doesn’t necessarily follow that it would also be the same for you. Your primary intent should be your comfort and support before style comes into play

While bra shopping, it is also important that you know how to point out the signs of an ill-fitting bra. You might want to look out for the following:

  • Bra straps that dig into your shoulders – This is not an indication that your breasts are too big for you, but rather it means that your bra is not giving you the right support. Hence, it is your shoulders that take the pressure.
  • Breast tissue bulges out of the cup – This means that you have to go up a cup size.
  • The band rides up at the back – A band that slides up at the back, instead of lying firmly across, means that it is too big for your breast size.
  • Neck or back pain – This means that the muscles in these areas are strained due to the lack of support from your bra because it’s the wrong size.
  • A back bulge – It is not necessarily back fat. Sometimes, this could mean that the bra is too tight squeezing your skin, or your band could be too small.

Wherever you are in your journey, learn to enjoy the process. These pointers will help you know how to start and what to look for, but once you finally get the hang of it enjoy your new shape and look.

Boost that bust, and learn the right ways to maintain the look, only at Esteem Cosmetic Studio. Book a consultation with us today or follow us on social media for the latest news, tips and updates.

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The Dermal Filler Phenomena in Australia

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In a world that puts a premium on appearances, people struggle to keep up with expectations and are open to anything to stay youthful or perfect in every way. This does not come for free and people are willing to pay for it. Sounds easier said than done, but there are things you need to know when considering the use of dermal fillers. Below is the big picture and what you should do to get the best results out of your dermal fillers.

Dermal Fillers Statistics

The citizens of Australia are no strangers to dermal fillers. Millions have opted to undergo cosmetic surgery and non-surgical procedures to look their best.  In the past five years, there has been a steady increase in those who have embraced these enhancements, successfully overtaking North America and Europe economically speaking. This translates to 40% more per capita in excess of $1 billion per year.

In 2012 alone, Australians spent around $850 million on cosmetic surgery and around $560 million on non-surgical cosmetic treatments. This was an increase of 25% from the previous year.

The phenomenon is not unique to Australia with such global upswing forecasted to reach $4 billion in 2017 with a compound annual growth of CAGR of 9%. Propellers of the group are predicted to be the non-invasive procedures that provide long-term results and are priced competitively.

Growing Popularity in Australia

It is no surprise to have this increasing popularity of dermal fillers in the country and there are several good reasons for this.

Non-invasive and Quick Fix

For the patients who are after that eternally youthful-looking face, but are afraid to go under the knife, this is the perfect solution for their worries. Though it works immediately, you have to give 1-2 weeks to see the entire improvement of the part that was treated.

Great for Prevention

Meticulous skin care can go a long way in delaying the aging process. But when the sun is a big part of your lifestyle, it is hard to escape the harsh effects on the skin. Other lifestyle factors include muscle movement, fat loss, and gravity. Dermal fillers are the most convenient treatment for this reason.

Teens and Social Media

Nothing has affected teenagers in a very big way than the powerful and unreal world of social media. Because the platform is the best way to show your assets, more and more teenagers are realizing the importance of looking good in front of the camera. Call it vanity or peer pressure, but the importance of looking good has been so amplified to the point that there are teenagers who have become obsessed in looking for their imperfections and correcting them to their desire.

Clinics not Spas

Because of its growing popularity, spas or salons have started offering dermal fillers as one of the services they provide. The marketing is aggressive and the experience is made really fun for clients to forget the dangers of getting dermal fillers from sources with no medical background. Most of them offer discounts and combine them with other beauty-related services.

However, it is still best to seek dermal fillers from professionals, particularly doctors, who are trained to perform such a meticulous procedure.

Professional Capabilities

When you put things inside your face, you have to be concerned with the consequences when things do not go as planned. Dermal fillers are supposed to be given by qualified and highly trained medical professionals because they are the only ones authorized to do it. Doctors are licensed for this, and in some cases even registered nurses. As long as you get them from a clinic, you are guaranteed the kind of professional treatment that you need.

Some salons or spas would even “hire” doctors to perform their practice in their establishments. Be wary of such doctors because they are more interested in earning quickly than in performing their sworn duties. Most of them have very little experience or training. As simple as they look, specialized treatments like muscle relaxing fillers and the dermal fillers require specific training that is beyond the scope of their medical degree. If you have any doubts about the good doctor, do not hesitate to ask and get your facts first.

Go to Medically Registered Establishments

Aside from the establishments belonging to a completely different field, there are actually regulations that prohibit doctors from practicing at a place where he/she is not registered at. It should not be difficult to find out if they are actually doing it because their Annual Practicing Certificates are required to be publicly displayed. Businesses should also be registered properly with the authorities and are supposed to have the certificates for this purpose displayed for everyone to see.

Authenticity of the Products

Like other potentially harmful products, medical-grade products are supposed to be tracked by government agencies and should only be sold to registered healthcare companies. This is a crucial factor in choosing the provider of your fillers. Make sure the establishment is also a legal source of the products. There are so many products out there in the market and it would be great to do your research on them before having them injected in your face.

Dubious Marketing Strategies

They say that when something is too good to be true, it usually is. Establishments that offer their services at very cheap rates should be avoided at all cost. Think of it this way. The doctors and establishments are regulated along with the products and this affects their prices, homogenizing them in a way. Any establishment that offers below the norm can be immediately thought of as a fraud.

Know Who is Accountable

For the cases when problems occur like allergies or other negative reactions to the product, there should be a clear and definite person to go after when it happens. For the uninitiated, the problems are also treated by the same perpetrator who makes it appear that the case was just a “side effect.” Because of this, it would be wiser to get treatment from a third party and pursue legal options when needed.

The Best Doctor

Owing to the increasing popularity of dermal fillers in Australia, the number of approved dermal filler providers has exponentially increased making it difficult for would-be patients to choose the right one for them.

Aside from determining if the doctor is actually certified to do the task, one should go the extra mile and ask about the track record of the doctor.  This shall bring to light not only the medical aspect of his capabilities, but also his/her experience in calling the shots. Dermal fillers require good aesthetics and this does not happen overnight. Years of experience usually does the job. Look for the before and after pictures of past clients to know how the doctor does the job well.

To protect yourself from fakes, be absolutely sure that the doctor is fully qualified for the task, know how long they have been doing it, and ask for proof that the products being offered to you are TGA-approved. Take a look at the packaging to get your answers about this concern. And again, if is cheap, it is most likely to be not approved by the TGA. It is a small price to pay for a move that is as life changing as getting your dermal fillers.

If you are keen on getting dermal fillers in Australia, Esteem Cosmetic Studio provides professional treatment plans that are administered by our board-certified cosmetic surgeons. They are highly trained to perform dermal filler injections and other cosmetic procedures. Simply call us or fill-out our inquiry form to schedule your consultation today!

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