30 Ways to Feel Body Confident After Pregnancy

When you are bombarded with images of celebrities looking all fit and fabulous even after giving birth a few weeks before, it can get quite hard to feel good about yourself when you see a lot of jiggles and sagging on your own body.

Here are thirty different options that you can choose, from the natural to the most radical improvements.


1. Plan Out Your Meals

Planning your meals is an important part of helping you regain that pre-baby body. This keeps you on track in choosing healthy meals within the desired amount of calories.  When you carefully plan out your caloric intake, you also reduce the postpartum fatigue. Planning your meals also helps you have discipline to follow the standards you set up for yourself to reduce weight the safe and healthy way.

2. Eat High Fiber Cereals

High fiber cereals are also a very good way to regain that fit and slim figure back. It may not get you there that fast, but this is one of the healthy ways to get you the nutrients that you need while also cutting back on calories. High fiber cereals are also perfect, especially for very new moms because it prevents constipation, which is one of the common concerns especially with some who still have a healing episiotomy and hemorrhoids.

3. High Protein Foods

Foods that are high in protein are an excellent way to quickly have that satiated feeling. This helps you cut back on getting second helpings during meals. It fills you up better more than carbohydrates and also promotes better energy levels due to its iron and vitamin B12 content. Fish, beef and eggs are among the excellent sources, but do make sure to avoid high-fat meats.

4. Increase your portions for fruits and vegetables

Fruits and veggies are loaded with antioxidants that can make you feel and look healthy and attractive. This allows you to feel much lighter as opposed to having a high fat diet. Fruits and vegetables give you insoluble fibers and nutrients that help cleanse the system while introducing a multitude of nutrients at the same time. With the internal inflammation process that is stirred up by the trauma of childbirth, having excellent amounts of antioxidants in your system place it in the most favorable state to bounce right back.

Facial Skin Lightening Treatments

5. Chemical Peel

One of the common and obvious concerns that a woman encounters during pregnancy is melasma. It just gives the skin that unattractive hue, which can actually make you doubt if there ever is such a thing as a “pregnancy glow”.  A chemical peel uses a type of solution that basically burns the top layer of the skin to make it peel off revealing a more radiant and even skin tone.

There are different types of peels, which are classified according to the depth of the treatment. So in addition to improving the condition of the skin, chemical peels can also improve the condition of the collagen layers underneath, ultimately giving you that rejuvenated appearance.

6. Microdermabrasion

Microdermabrasion is basically like a buffing treatment for the skin to get rid of dried dead skin cells on the surface. This certainly helps even out skin tone, as very small granules that are continuously rubbed on the surface mechanically remove the outermost layer of the skin. This action also stimulates better circulation in the area, which is very crucial in promoting better cell turnover rate and skin rejuvenation. With the effects of hormones on the skin during pregnancy and the stresses involved in taking care of a new baby, a good scrub would certainly help you on your way to restoring and maybe even improving your pre-pregnancy skin.

7. Face Creams

One of the common and most convenient ways of correcting pregnancy-induced melasma would be face creams. A lot of brands today that promises to deliver the job are actually very reliable in delivering impressive results. Although it may take some time, and good deal of dedication and patience, but creams actually hold some promise.


8. Power Walk

During pregnancy your body produces the hormone relaxin. This hormone causes the joints to become loose making a pregnant woman to be more prone to injury. Even after delivery, there is still some amount of relaxin in the blood, which is why new moms should be careful when doing exercises. A power walk can be a good steady exercise that you can do where you can also bond with your new baby. Give a thirty-minute walk in a park while pushing the little one in a buggy. To make the exercise more effective, remember to keep your shoulders relaxed, back straight and your strides long enough to give your legs and buttocks the needed workout. However, for mommies who just had a C-section, see to it that you only do this when your incision has healed and that you feel comfortable enough to perform the exercise.

9. Swimming

Swimming is a perfect exercise that will be very good for your joints. The water and bouyancy gives you support while promoting minimal risk. Just be sure to give your system a good warm up before jumping in to avoid leg cramps. Swimming is a good exercise that promotes overall toning, from your arms, abdominal muscles, buttocks and legs.

10. Yoga

Yoga is great for your body and well being as it relaxes the body and clears your mind. It allows new mommies to reconnect with themselves and their bodies, especially with all the physical demands of being a new mother. Since new moms are still sensitive, it is important that you enroll in classes that are customized for your physical needs. There are certain yoga poses that are particularly beneficial for postpartum mothers. As you get the hang of it, you will see that yoga improves posture, increases your range of motion, improves your balance, helps you control your weight, increases strength and energy levels and improves your sleeping pattern.

11. Pilates

Pilates is something that you might need to do a little later after you have delivered the baby because this requires a higher amount of activity level. It helps you regain better stability and flexibility. This exercise focuses on core stabilization by targeting the muscles of the abdomen, the spine and your pelvic area. With regular exercise, Pilates allows you to reconnect the abdominal walls with the pelvic floor, which is something that is very important during the early stages of being a new mom when the muscles have a greater tendency to bounce back. It is considered as a perfect whole body conditioning that rejuvenates the body with endorphins, or the “feel good” hormones.

12. Zumba

Zumba is an exercise where you follow upbeat and choreographed dance moves in different tempos. This is a fun way to get you up and active, while losing the extra baby fat at the same time. Zumba has become quite a craze nowadays with a number of studios where you can sign up or instructional videos that you can follow to sweat it out right in the comforts of your own home. Dancing is also known to help allay depression, as well as promote weight loss and better cardiovascular health.

13. Weight Loss Mobile Apps

For the techy postpartum mommies nowadays, you can also find a lot of very good exercise apps today especially catered to your specific needs. These apps are usually equipped with savvy features and programs that you can easily follow. Some even offer online support from counselors to properly guide you along the way.

Skin Tightening Products

14. Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Massage Lotion for Stretchmarks

This product has been used by a lot of moms not only after having a baby, but also even during pregnancy. Its rich moisturizing action is the secret to preventing and lightening stretchmarks. It has a rich cream concentrate that is formulated with ingredients, like cocoa butter, shea butter, vitamin E, argan oil, sweet almond oil, centella asiatica and their trademarked formulation Bio C-Elast. It improves the skin’s elasticity and suppleness, which makes it perfect for areas that are prone to stretch marks, such as the abdomen, buttocks, thighs and bust.

15. Phytomer Glycolight Night Contouring Bi Gel

This product is one of those that are preferred by women who don’t have the luxury of time to hit the gym. It contains Sea Absynthium, which helps break down excess sugar in the body and, in doing so, it stops excess fat cells from forming. The product is also formulated with caffeine, which is among the reliable ingredients for effective skin tightening. It also contains two types of circulation boosting algae, such as palmaria palmata and halopteris scoparia.

16. Mio Get Waisted Sculpting Body Shaper

This product has earned excellent ratings among users, as it is a reliable product to firm and tighten the skin. New moms struggle with that unrelenting jiggle on the waistline despite strict diet and exercise. It gives the skin better energy by fuelling it to create more collagen and elastin to promote better firming and tightening. Thirty days of regular use actually gives you an inch in reduction on your waist.

17. Karin Herzog Silhouette

This product is said to be the favourite of the beautiful Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton. It helps firm and smooth the buttocks area. As the product is absorbed into the skin, it removes cellulite-causing toxins while boosting circulation in the area. This is also the perfect product for lightening stretchmarks, allowing you to get right back to wearing the your favourite bathing suits.

18. Rodial Super Fit Boob Job

Most of the time it is easy to overlook the chest when we are slathering our body lotions. That is why this specific product is perfect in helping restore or maintain the firmness of the chest area. It has a cooling gel formula, which is prepared with a natural derivative of exotic Asian root. Wheat protein is also a critical part in providing moisture to the skin in this area. This helps prevent and improve any skin sagging in the chest area while promising to boost your natural cup size.

Non-Invasive Treatment

19. Thermage

This is a non-invasive skin tightening treatment that will help you fix sagging areas, such as the face, abdomen, arms, buttocks and the legs. It uses radiofrequency energy delivered by a hand-held device that is placed directly over the skin. The heat introduced by the machine stimulates collagen creation and regeneration. This makes the structure of the skin more flexible, tighter and stronger, while helping you restore your form at the same time. It does not remove stretchmarks, but it does help reduce its appearance with repeated use.

For more information about Thermage, visit this page: http://aestheticsandhairclinic.com/service/thermage-cpt-singapore

20. CoolSculpting

Unlike others, this treatment focuses on exposing the problem areas to cold temperatures to eliminate fats. There is no need to worry about frostbites because this innovative treatment delivers safe and controlled bouts of cold temperature to specifically freeze fats while sparing the skin surface. It veers away from the usual heat-induced procedures. And in about 2-4 months, those frozen fat cells will be gradually eliminated naturally by the body. This is the kind of treatment that helps you get rid those pesky love handles and muffin tops.

21. Ultherapy

This treatment also uses a very unique method of destroying unwanted fat tissues with the use of ultrasound energy. As the hand held device is placed over the problem areas, the heat delivered by the ultrasound energy stimulates new collagen growth. In just 30 minutes, you jumpstart the process of regaining your figure and the beauty of the skin restored. But one major catch that this treatment has is that it can really sting in the process. But thankfully, this is only temporary and subsides right away.

22. Fraxel Re:pair

This is a skin tightening treatment that uses CO2 laser to induce collagen regeneration. It has a more aggressive approach, thus requiring some downtime. But the good thing about this is that one can feel and even notice some amount of improvement right after treatment. With collagen remodeling, the skin eventually starts to tighten, which also helps moms get rid of those jiggles and flabs.

23. Titan

Titan is another cutting edge skin tightening procedure that uses intense pulsed light. It exposes the problem areas to infrared light that is emitted at a certain wavelength, which induces collagen regeneration. These controlled pulses of infrared light create precise deep dermal heating while controlling the depth of penetration. The improvement may be gradual but it is continuous. This is also an appropriate treatment for busy moms who also want to avoid any discomfort during and after treatment.

24. Velashape

This is a skin tightening treatment that is a combination of radiofrequency and IPL. This ensures better coverage to promote collagen regeneration to give you a firmer and smoother skin. A lot of new moms would also find this very favorable, as it helps lighten stretchmarks in the most painless way possible. It is also perfect for all skin types and color. This was even the subject of a clinical study, which was proven to be an effective solution in reducing the circumference of the thighs, buttocks and stomachs in new moms. It was also effective in improving skin texture. This gave a lot of new moms better confidence in their new bodies after pining over the near perfection post-baby bodies of celebrity moms.

Cosmetic Surgery

25. Tummy Tuck

A tummy tuck, also known as an abdominoplasty, is a procedure where the abdominal muscles are tightened or sutured back together. During pregnancy, the abdominal muscles gradually grow apart to accommodate the increasing size of the uterus and other internal organs. After you deliver the baby, your abdominal muscles and skin now are no longer as tight as they used to be since they have been significantly stretched for several months. This is the reason why some degree of laxity can be observed, especially after multiple pregnancies. To restore that flat and firm stomach, these abdominal muscles are sutured back in a method called plication. Some excess sagging skin may have to be removed and stretched prior to closing the incision to create a more toned appearance after surgery.

A long incision may have to be created, which runs across from each side of the pelvis for the surgeon to have a better working field. But for those who don’t have a significant amount of laxity and skin sagging, a partial tummy tuck, which involves a smaller incision, can be done. This procedure is usually done with liposuction to create optimum results in flattening and firming up the stomach. This procedure gets rid of muffin tops, love handles and excess abdominal fats allowing you to wear better fitting shirts and pants.

26. Liposuction

This surgical procedure is done to suction out the fats in common problem areas, such as the abdomen, buttocks, arms, legs, etc. It involves the use of a long, thin and hollow tube that is connected on one end to a suction machine. It is inserted into the body through a small incision and it is moved around to help dislodge the fats while the suction machine sucks the fats out of the body. This is usually requested on the abdominal and buttocks area in postpartum mothers as part of a surgical trend called a mommy makeover. It flattens and tones the area as it effectively removes stubborn fats that do not budge even with regular exercise.

It may feel sore and you may be slightly bruised immediately afterwards. But as you totally recuperate, the effect is definitely astounding. You just have to be sure that you only entrust this procedure to a highly trained and experienced surgeon because, when not performed properly, it can have serious consequences. This is usually done with a tummy tuck, especially if a patient is left with excess skin after significant amounts of fat have been removed. Without having to worry about any unattractive bulges, you can go back to wearing not only your favourite dresses, but your bikini as well.

27. Breast Augmentation/Breast Implants

The breasts increase in size when a woman gets pregnant as her body prepares for vital role of breastfeeding the little one. There is no telling how much her breasts can grow during the entire nine months and even afterwards as milk starts coming in. As the tiny tot is finally weaned, the breasts gradually start to reduce in size. Since the skin has been significantly stretched for a long period of time, the breasts tend to become less perky. This is the reason why restoring breast volume through breast implants becomes a very helpful treatment.

Usually, this procedure should be decided much later on. As a mother decides on getting breast implants, breastfeeding is an important factor that has to be considered. New mothers should discuss this thoroughly with their surgeons so that they may be aware of the risks involved, especially if these moms are still planning on getting pregnant again in the future.

Under the hands of a very good surgeon, breast augmentation surgery can leave a very good result. It restores better proportion to a woman’s figure making them feel more confident in their bodies.

For more information about breast augmentation procedure, visit this page: http://www.esteemstudio.com.au/breast/breast-implants-surgery

28. Breast Lift

Some women experience uneven sagging of their breasts after weaning their baby, which can really put a dent on their confidence. This may even take a toll on a couple’s sex life as the woman become extremely conscious of the form of her breasts. Breast lift is a cosmetic procedure that corrects sagging breasts using incisions to remove excess skin, fat and glandular tissues.

Since breast sagging can make a woman look unattractive and old, a breast lift can help turn things around by making her figure look more youthful. Breast lifts are often done along with breast augmentation for optimum results.

29. Buttocks Lift

As a woman start to lose some of the baby weight, some degree of sagging can also occur on the buttocks since this is one of the areas where fats can also pile up during pregnancy. A buttocks lift can help tone up the area by excising loose skin from the upper and lower portion to reshape the buttocks.

Another variation to the traditional butt lift is the Brazilian butt lift. It involves the removal of fats from other parts of the body by liposuction and then these are injected into the buttocks. This is perfect for those moms who find that their bums are a bit less voluminous and they want to give it more shape. This is, however, advisable only to women who have a good skin tone.

Gluteal Augmentation, which involves implants, is also another way to improve and increase buttocks size. The implants are placed either under the muscles or the fibrous covering of the gluteal muscle. Such a procedure can immediately make a woman feel better with her figure as it makes her look curvier and also allows her pants to fit her more beautifully.

30. Cosmetic Genitoplasty

This is a cosmetic procedure that is being widely requested by a lot of women today. Sexual contact, repeated childbirth and aging can cause the labia minora and labia majora, the outer and middle structure of the vagina to lose its tone. This makes a woman feel uncomfortable when wearing underwear and also makes her conscious, especially during sex.

Despite a lot of critics, this procedure, which involves the removal of excess skin, has been well received by a lot of women. It is important to ensure that you get this surgery done by a trained and certified surgeon to ensure safe and successful results.


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