The Naked Truth on Sagging Breasts

Next to the face, the breasts of a woman has got to be the most eye-catching part of the female anatomy. Blame it on everyone’s familiarity with the bossom buddies from birth, or the attention that society has unwittingly given to this inseparable pair. Whatever the reason is, women have placed more importance on the shape and size of their breasts and will do anything in their power to keep them in their prime.

Breast Sagging is a Major Issue

That is why it comes as no surprise to see breast-related surgeries in statistical data on cosmetic surgery. The 2013 Global Statistics of the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery reveals that breast augmentation and breast lift is among the top five procedures in women, while breast augmentation tops the overall list of most frequently requested procedures in 2013. This could stem from the fact that quite a number of women, in general, are insecure of the size of their breasts. But apart from the desire to have bigger bosoms, most women are also concerned about the shape of the breasts, specifically on the issue of breast sagging. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons mastopexy or popularly known as breast lifts has become increasingly popular over breast implants, posting a growth of 70% since the year 2000. This goes to show that breast sagging is indeed a major embarrassing body issue, which has driven women to correct this body figure flaw. Born out of the desire to maintain the natural shape of breasts, women have come-up with their theories that have spread like wildfire on a scorching hot afternoon. Below are some of the most widely believed and the naked truth women need to learn about their breasts.

They Don’t Defy Gravity

Nothing can stop breasts from sagging. Nothing. This is because the connective tissues in your breasts known as Cooper’s ligaments, which augments the tight and perky look of breasts, naturally stretches as women get older. Collage and elastin compose our body tissues and they simply break down as the woman ages. What makes this worse is menopause because it causes the replacement of dense glandular tissues with fat that is really expected to droop.

Bra Yourself

It is interesting to note that bras have been seen as the villain and the hero of sagging breasts. Some think that by wearing bras to bed, you prevent the breasts from sagging at a faster rate than necessary, with some women even sleeping with their bras on.  Others think that wearing them for longer than 8-12 yours would cause the weakening of breast tissues and cause them to sag. However, the truth of the matter is that bras are just really meant to support breasts as women go through their daily activities and they could never counter the effects of gravity and old age.

But, it is still very important to wear the right fit bra for your shape. Not only will it help accentuate your natural figure, it also provides the necessary support, especially when you are in the gym or performing physical activities.

Exercise is for Muscles

With its protruding presence, people assume that breasts can be enlarged like the other muscles of the body. Unfortunately, that is the farthest from the truth. To understand this better, breasts are NOT muscles and therefore, can never be inflated by push-ups or other pectoral equipment at the gym. What exercise can do is improve the appearance of your breasts as it strengthens the surrounding ligaments, including Cooper’s ligaments.

Breastfeeding is Fine

A popular cause of sagging breasts is breastfeeding, which is not exactly true. Breastfeeding per se is not the culprit, but is the offshoot of the real cause, which is pregnancy. Weight gain is expected from bearing a child casuing the ligaments to stretch, including the ones found inside the breasts. The only way to avoid or minimize the sagging effect is to maintain a healthy weight during your pregnancy.

Breast Cups Don’t Equate to the Big C

Truly an urban legend, the idea that wearing bras to bed causes cancer came from a book entitled “Dressed to Kill” that suggested how tight-fitting bras constrict the lymphatic system and eventually eliminate toxins from the body, increasing the risk of breast cancer compared to those who go au natural. Scientific evidence to support this theory is nowhere to be found.

Remember Your Skin

You may forget it, but a major composition of the breasts is skin. This makes it susceptible to become slack just how the skin on your face does. This is exactly what happens when you go on a crash or yoyo diet. In a Women’s Health magazine article, according to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery President Dr. Michael Edwards, “Each time you gain and lose weight, breast tissue becomes more slack, kind of like old tights.” Additionally, smoking can weaken and decrease the blood supply of the breast skin surface. Also, the chemicals and toxins found in cigarettes cause deteriorating effects on the skin, most especially on the collagen and elastin supply.

Going Bigger to Lift Sagging Breasts

One major myth about remedying breast sagging is to go big. This is not necessarily so. In fact, there three ways you can go about this sagging issue. The first is, well, to get breast implants. This is especially so if the nipple is above the crease of the breast. This helps restore the lifted appearance. In this case, the implants will be placed above the breast muscles. Another technique is correct the shape of the breasts with a breast lift procedure. This is usually performed for those who have significant sagging where the nipple falls below the breast crease and points downwards. As the name implies, it involves making an incision and lifting the breast tissue to improve the shape and position of the breasts. This creates a perkier shape, but there is a tendency of the breasts to decrease cup size by half or a full cup.

However, if you want pert and fuller breasts, the third option is to get both breast implants and breast lift performed. The manner in which your sagging breasts can be improved is through a consultation with a board certified cosmetic surgeon to determine the best technique for your specific problem. Such options give women the opportunity to become their better versions, regardless of the desired effects of those who choose to go under the knife for better and fuller breasts. Just be sure to get the right medical treatment and best doctor in town. If cost is one of your concerns, it would be better to save some more than settle for the less expensive one. Always remember that it is your body; so do not mess with it unless it is for the right reason and in the right hands.

If you are in Australia and looking for the best cosmetic surgeons in town, trust that you can find one in Esteem Cosmetic Surgeon. Our breast enhancement surgeons will provide you with the best treatment that will meet your realistic expectations. To learn more about how breast implants or breast lift can improve your sagging breasts, fill-out our inquiry form now for your consultation!


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