Top 6 Cosmetic Procedures Every Mom Needs

Being a mom is a beautiful thing that is designed by nature, but it also brings with it a handful of changes.

The pure joy that a baby brings is definitely something special for a new mom; but it is also true that you don’t have to lose yourself in this new role. Your baby may now become your first priority, but it is also important to give yourself the love and pampering you deserve. For some new mothers, they find it through cosmetic surgery.

On motherhood and cosmetic procedures

The moment that a small embryo starts it journey of growing inside you, your body gets swift into several changes due to your hormones working. Your breasts start to swell as pregnancy hormones surge into your system. As your pregnancy progress you will notice weight changes. This stretches out your skin, most significantly on your stomach.

As the uterus increases in size, it also pulls the abdominal muscles apart along with it. This is a primary reason how most moms struggle with muffin tops.

For some women pregnancy will also cause them to deal with troubling skin issues. There are those who experience acne flare ups. Some even believe this to be a result if you are carrying a male baby. Another common concern is the discoloration on the skin on the face. This is called melasma, or the mask of pregnancy.

After pregnancy a lot of new moms struggle with acne scars, uneven skin tone, and loose abdominal skin. Stretchmarks and breast sagging are also major concerns. Eating right and exercise is always a good choice, but for some mothers cosmetic procedures are their solution of choice. This paved the way for what is now dubbed as “mommy makeovers.”

Moms are now stepping up their game by looking good while juggling with the struggles and responsibilities of motherhood. This is not to say that this is a must, but it is an option that is open to all mothers who wish to improve the way they look.  In an article by the New York Times, “Mommy surgery appeals both as a quick fix for stubborn post-pregnancy weight and as a way to control aging itself.”

What does a Mommy Makeover involve?

Surgeons use this term to describe a group of cosmetic procedures, invasive and noninvasive, to enhance the shape of the body and the appearance of the skin in moms. A mommy makeover includes the following surgeries.

Breast Lift

Some women love how their breasts increase in volume and improve in shape during pregnancy. However, this doesn’t last for long because once your hormones return to its pre-pregnant state, so does the breasts. It is unfortunate that as this happens, the skin has already been significantly stretched for several months that it can no longer be the way it actually was before. This results in sagging, and sometimes uneven breasts.

Breast sagging can come in two forms, it can be either be severe or it can be moderate. In this surgery the a portion of the breast tissue, adipose tissue and skin is removed to lift the breasts.

A breast lift alone is the appropriate procedure for moderate sagging only, but if you are experiencing severe sagging you will need a breast augmentation along with it. A breast lift improves the level of the breasts, and it not only corrects sagging but also unevenness.

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Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation, or more commonly known as a boob job, is a procedure that can give new shape and volume to the breasts. Implants, either saline or silicone, is placed inside a pocket that is created within the breast tissues.

For mothers who may have lost the shape and volume, breast implants can certainly enhance the form of their chests. But the most important consideration here is that it takes a good surgeon to also create good results. Success requires right planning and good execution so that these breast implants actually enhances your form, and not overpower it.

Breast augmentation allows moms to fit better in their clothes and to feel confident about it too.  This is commonly done with breast lift surgeries to create an overall pleasing effect. This can make the breasts appear youthful too. But you have to discuss this thoroughly with your surgeon because this can also have serious implications with breastfeeding.

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Weight gain is an expected outcome during and even long after pregnancy. Getting rid of fats, or controlling weight, is a common concern for most new moms. And this is not because they lack exercise because some actually do, however some fats can really be quite stubborn most especially in the abdominal region. This is why liposuction is a procedure included in mommy makeovers.

Liposuction is a surgical procedure where fats are removed and suctioned out using a long and slender cannula that is attached to suction machine. There are several areas in the body where this can be used. This is often done in the abdominal area since this is a common problem faced by moms.  Other areas that can be toned down with liposuction include the arms, back, thighs, knees, and legs.

This invasive procedure has been around for years now, and since then it has far improved already. Today there are clinics who offer a safer approach through tumescent liposuction where it involves the use of epinephrine and an anaesthetic to minimize the pain and bleeding.

Liposuction trims the stubborn fats in hard to reach areas and it also tones the body. If you want to look and feel better in a two piece suit, this surgery can help you get rid of the embarrassing bulges. This can permanently remove the excess fats, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t balloon in size once again because if you fail to control your food intake and fail to exercise, your fat cells can still increase in volume.

Tummy Tuck

Medically referred to as an abdominoplasty, a tummy tuck is a procedure that can trim the belly fat to make the area flatter. Mom’s who are struggling with muffin tops will benefit from this surgery because it also allows them to fit better in tight fitting clothes and jeans.

As mentioned earlier, the abdominal muscles separate in a process called diastasis recti during pregnancy due to the increasing size of the uterus. It is further aggravated as the mom packs in more pounds. In most cases it can be hard to get rid of these fats, also as moms struggle with controlling their appetite. A liposuction can repair this problem through a process called plication.

A tummy tuck is a cosmetic surgery where the fat tissues are removed in the abdominal area. A long incision that runs across the area above the pubic area is created. This allows the surgeon better visualization to remove the fat and suture the muscles back to create a tighter abdomen. Some of the excess skin may also be removed to create firmer abdominal area. The belly button will also be repositioned because it can be displaced with the stretching involved.

This is done together with liposuction to better achieve a more toned and tighter abdomen. Mothers have to decide if they have are finally done with having kids, otherwise you would end up stretching the skin and muscles yet again.


This is a procedure that a lot of women may be apprehensive about, but it has already been around for quite a while now. Also known as genitoplasty, this surgery  modifies the labia minora which is the inner portion of the vagina. This can be caused by multiple childbirths, and it can be  discomforting for a woman especially when wearing tight clothes or pants.  Aside from the aesthetic value, this also allows women to feel more comfortable.

Chemical Peel

To correct uneven skin tone, a chemical peel is among the popular procedures requested by women. This treatment uses a chemical that can initiate peeling and also promote skin rejuvenation.  The chemicals come in different strengths and can promote different depths of peeling and rejuvenation.  The aesthetist or doctor will be the one who will determine the kind of peel that is appropriate to use.

If soaps, creams and serums can’t get you a clearer complexion, a chemical peel gives a more significant change and improvement. But it requires an certified and experienced practitioner to ensure safe and successful results.

This treatment can have moms feeling rejuvenated and looking youthful after a single session, and even more dramatically after several sessions.

A happy mom can also raise happy children, and ultimately a happier home. So if pampering yourself every once in a while will help you feel more better about yourself, then these are your options available for mommy makeovers. Moms also need the love and care you deserve, and there is nothing wrong in indulging yourself. But also make sure that you only get a reliable professional to do the job if you want it done right.

For reliable cosmetic surgery treatments Esteem Cosmetic Studio is a place you can trust here in Australia.

Moms deserve the care they deserve to look and feel good. Call us at 1300-378336 today and let’s discuss on how we can restore youth and beauty through cosmetic surgery.

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