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Now that technology has enabled people to improve their bodies with the least amount of effort for incredible results, liposuction has become one of the most popular procedures for those who have the will and the money to get it. As fantastic as it sound, this procedure is not meant for everyone, or to be specific, not at the time that the person wants to get it and this article shall delve into the issue to give the prospective patients a bigger picture of what the fuzz about liposuction is all about.

What is Liposuction?

Now that it is commonly heard, it is really easy to understand what Liposuction is. This surgical technique aims to improve the body’s contour. This involves the removal of excess fat deposits that are stubbornly located between the skin and muscle.

To do this, a small stainless steel tube called a cannula (derived from the Latin word for tube or cane) is connected to a very powerful suction pump and is inserted into the fat that you want to remove through small incisions in the skin. Suction is used for this technique to suck out the unwanted fat. As the patient heals, the incisions and the tiny tunnels disappear and leave the desired body as flawless as it was intended to be.

However, not all patients are recommended to get this procedure and one of the factors that would identify a person as unfit for this surgery is his current weight.

The Ideal Weight of the Candidate

Unlike the other vital statistics or figures that represent the actual human condition, the ideal weight of the patient cannot be automatically determined because the procedure demands the analysis of other factors to determine if the patient is fit for liposuction or not.

However, the rule of thumb is to think that the procedure is not meant for people who are obese or overweight in general. Being overweight is still determined by the Body Mass Index of the person. It does not give the patient the ideal weight he or she desires.

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This is the reason why liposuction is ideal for those who are in their ideal weight or a just a little above it. The procedure is really for spot reduction, getting rid of the fat in the areas where fat is naturally hard to burn. To illustrate, a 170-pound woman cannot expect the procedure to let her wear the clothes for a 130-pound woman. Setting this expectation for big women would save them the dissatisfaction that they might have once they discover how little can be removed from them.

To sum it up, there is no specific weight to make a person a good candidate for the procedure. What is consistent is that those who are somewhat obese are the ones that really benefit from liposuction, and those who have localized accumulations of fat that the procedure can effectively get-rid-off.

Not Effective for the Obese

Not to shatter the dreams of other people, but those who expect to perfectly reach their weight goals are not the good candidates for this procedure. Such people usually include the excessively obese ones because they need the transformation more than their slightly chubby counterparts.

Another big reason for obese individuals to avoid liposuction is the fact that they usually regain the weight that was removed by the procedure. The only way to prevent this from happening is to completely change the diet, or to dramatically increase the activity of the person to burn the fats more efficiently.

Serious surgical complications have been noted to happen to large-volume liposuction that was done to treat obesity. The removal of more than 8 to 10 pounds a day with the use of liposuction has never been considered safe. As much as this has been carved in stone, there are exceptions and they are those who are overweight but whose weight has been stable for years, and have specific problem areas to improve.

What to Do When You are Not Yet Fit for Liposuction?

To be told that you are not fit for a liposuction is a devastating experience that all patients do not want to go through. But if you look at it as a good motivation to improve your overall health, it might just pave the way for the healthier and more attractive body that you have always dreamt of. Below are some tips on what you can do to be fit for liposuction.

Have a General Check-up

People who are not healthy are not supposed to get liposuction because it might cause some complications with their existing illnesses. Go through your medical records to be sure that you are completely clear and healthy for liposuction.

Also check for allergies and drug reactions because the procedure might lead to drug interactions that might give some nasty side effects. Avoid certain drugs like aspirin and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, or anticoagulants because they increase the risk of bleeding. Do not take medicine that inhibits the metabolism of lidocaine too. Though the body is supposed to be clean off those drugs two weeks before the procedure, it would be a good idea to know these and find out possible replacements if necessary.

Set Healthy Expectations

People who undergo liposuction are those who are determined to change their bodies for the better. Sometimes, their determination serves as blinders that hinder them to discern what’s realistic for their current health condition. As long as the mind has an accurate picture of what is going to happen, the results are sure to be the best, no matter how big or small they are.

Dissatisfaction can lead to decisions that could affect the logic and sanity of the person, especially because this is a drastic move for a person to become the best that person can be. This is the reason why patients have to undergo a psychological test before getting one.

Other Concerns

People below 35 years old still have the elasticity of their skin that allows them to conform to their new body shape. As they get older, the body simply finds it more difficult to do so and might even require additional surgical procedures to achieve the desired results. This is exactly the reasons why breast reduction for women is not recommend for senior members of the female community.

Don’t Push It

Because there are people who need it now and need it badly that they resort to extreme ways to lose weight in order to get liposuction. There are establishments that advertise “laser liposuction (SmartLipo)” or “Lipodissolve” and “Mesotheraphy.” The first two were found to use non-FDA approved injectables and were marketed as substances that harmlessly melt the fat away. Unsurprisingly, there were cases when the patients became permanently disfigured. Do lots of research and consultations before thinking of getting anything done to your body.

Actually, there is no need to punish yourself over that. Remember that the key to the success of liposuction is not the procedure itself, but the discipline of maintaining the new figure to make another liposuction completely irrelevant. Go through weight loss as diligently as possible and as naturally as possible.

To learn more how to get liposuction the safe way, Esteem Cosmetic Studio will provide you with the right information and treatment plan that will fit your specific needs. Our pool of highly skilled cosmetic surgeons with extensive experience in providing safe procedures, such as liposuction, in Australia.

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