7 Breast Augmentation Sizing Tips that Will Give You a Size that Flatters


Breast  augmentation surgery is under elective procedures that are designed to enhance the body. Although it is a personal process, choosing a breast implant size entails taking several factors into consideration.

Choosing the right breast size is crucial to the total aesthetic outcome of your procedure, and your comfort as well. This is why you just don’t randomly say that you want to get double Ds out on a whim. Sizing is an important part of your breast augmentation process because ultimately it will lead you to results that you will be happy about, and it’s a fun activity too.

Here are some tips to consider in sizing up for new cups!

Consider the Personality You Aim to Exude

Take your personality into account and learn how you want to be perceived by the public in deciding your implant size. Ask yourself whether going for a certain size would complement your overall persona and body shape. Remember that the outcome should enhance your form instead of drawing in unwanted attention. So think about how you want to be perceived overall, and this should bring you a step closer in making a decision.

Base It On Your Stats

Your height, weight and body type are necessary factors in determining the size of the implant that would be suitable for you. Larger women are better with more volume to their implants, while small women do well with a more discreet size. The bottomline here is that it should not scream that you had a procedure done, but rather ease in beautifully into your form.

Focus on You

The decision to go for breast augmentation surgery is often drawn from a certain inspiration, or a peg. For instance, you might tell your surgeon that you want a bust size like that of Kim K, or you want something similar to that on your friend.

You and your friend, or even you and Kim K, might have similar body sizes but we have to take our own profile into primary consideration. Sizing is not a cut and dry process. For example, ordering a dress online which looked beautiful on the model doesn’t necessarily mean that it also flatters you the same way. The same is true for breast implants. Don’t pick your breast implants based on how a certain size and shape looks on another person, instead focus it on you. Go for what looks best on your form.

Make it Appropriate for Your Lifestyle

You don’t want to swear off crossfit simply because you’ve committed to implant sizes that are too big for comfort. If you are extremely active, you should not choose breast implants that will interfere with your fitness routine.

Use the Rice Test

A DIY method to estimate the breast implant size that is most suitable for you is the Rice Test. You take a plastic bag with a certain measure of rice and place it under your bra. You can use the following for reference:

  • 1/8 cup – 30 cc
  • 1/4 cup – 59 cc
  • 1/2 cup – 118 cc
  • 3/4 cup – 177 cc
  • 1/3 cup – 78 cc
  • 2/3 cup – 156 cc
  • 1 cup – 236 cc

Once you find the right amount that gives you the look that you want, you can inform the surgeon and from based on that information, he can advise you accordingly. Surgeons will also give you a range of implant sizes that are most appropriate for your anatomy based on his assessment.

Ask to Check Before and After Photos

Most surgeons who perform breast augmentation have a portfolio of before and after photos. These will help you evaluate the quality of the doctor’s work and his concept of what an appropriate appearance is like.

Consider the Shape and Size of Your Natural Breasts

The female breasts naturally come in a variety of shapes. It can either be tubular, sagging (ptotic) or atrophic (no breast tissue). It can also be naturally small, large or just the average size, and almost all women have assymetrical breasts. The importance of being aware of this information is because there are certain approaches used for these cases. For instance, some breasts may require a breast lift, while some may need some correction first before breast implants can be introduced, such as the case with tubular breasts. These information has an important influence on the implant size that will be most suitable on you and the technique the surgeon would have to use.

Deciding on an implant size may be a personal preference, but you just don’t make unbridled decisions without thinking of how it would actually look on you. Your comfort is also a major consideration because an overly large implant will not only feel uncomfortable but it can also pose certain health issues such as postural problems, back pain or shoulder pain. In fact, these are the usual reason why some celebrities decide to go down a size.

If you are mulling over getting breast implants, take these tips into consideration. Remember that you will be deciding on something that you might carry for years to come. So, give yourself the best possible outcome you can with the knowledge and preparation you have.

Send an inquiry to Esteem Cosmetic Studio today and commit yourself to a reliable breast augmentation procedure in Australia.

Photo Credit: Pexels


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