What You Need to Know About the New FDA Approved Breast Implants


Women are often sized-up by the size of their breasts and they want to rise to the occasion. This pinned breast augmentation on the map with a good number of women flaunting their newly minted pairs. A good portion of them have used breast implants to enhance the size and shape of it, making the implants a cause of concern for those who are bent on having the perfect breasts. A company called Allergan is mighty aware of this need and has recently launched their FDA implant called the NATRELLE INSPIRA® Cohesive breast implants.

The Implants

The Natrelle Inspira Cohesive breast implants combines the needed “high gel-fill ratio” with the highly cohesive gel of Allergan to produce the best-customized results. This is available in smooth and Biocell textured surfaces, with both of them approved for use by the FDA.

On the surface, the innovation seems to be insignificant, but its value lies on the empowerment it gives to the surgeon to produce the desired shape of the breast in the most accurate manner in terms of look and feel. The texture of the finished products is comparable to gummy bears. What makes it different would be the amount of gel in it.

Think of the high-gel ratio as a condition that is similar to having a tire that is pumped with more air. In that situation, you do not really see the tire get bigger, but you can tell that it has become firmer and fuller. The same effect is expected with the boobs when inserted with this kind of implant.

This quality allows the surgeons to provide more options to their patients and cater more accurately to the specifications of the patient.

A Much-Awaited Innovation

With the current batch of implants, most are soft and smooth which prevents it from attaching itself to the insides of the breast. This results to the implant freely floating around inside the breast of the woman. Such freedom would consequently lead to the slumping of the implant. Later on, the woman would then begins to feel the little ripples caused by the unfilled spaces.

If the implant is fixed to the body, it would not slip everywhere and would fill out the breasts a lot more, giving them the full and round look that you associate with women in their physical prime. The younger set of women would benefit the most from this because they would look very natural with the perky nature of breasts at such an age.

Aside from the fuller look, most women are after a higher projection, which is basically how the boobs go far out from the chest. The design of the implants make the projection look higher which is perfect for women who are just after the perkier angle of the breasts that would make them more desirable without really enlarging them to ridiculous sizes.

As part of the seemingly child-friendly category called the “gummy” implants, it goes beyond the increased breast fullness that it can easily provide by making it resistant to compression that is caused by overlying tissues. With the implant firmly planted, there is elimination of gel migration and distortion of the implants as the use progresses.

The Patients Who Need The Implants

With the increase in the number of choices, the number of equipment that would allow the surgeon to completely achieve the best results for the breasts also follows. As such, the patients who shall truly benefit from the new technology are those who are after the smooth and round implants as well as those with constricted lower breasts that are in need of a lower pole expansion. Those with breast cancer can expect some comfort from the use of the implants too.

Possible Complications With Breast Implants

As technology advances, there are still some possible complications that may arise from the procedure. These include the cost of another operation for implant removal, ruptured implants, and in some cases, severe capsular contracture, which refers to the severe scar tissues found around the implant.

Other complications would be the change in the skin sensation, unsightly scars,  wrinkling and rippling of the breasts, and most unfortunately, the asymmetry that might happen with the breasts.

Who Can Get Breast Implants

The woman should be at least 22 years old if she wants to get silicone-filled implants for her breast augmentation. This includes the increase in breast size along with revision surgeries that aim to correct or make better the results of the primary augmentation surgery.

Those seeking for breast Reconstruction are also good candidates. This kind of reconstruction would include primary reconstruction for the replacement of breast tissues that were removed because of cancer of physical trauma and the reconstruction that is done to correct the unfortunate results of the primary reconstruction surgery.

Who Can’t Get Breast Implants

This list includes women who have an active infection on any part of the body are not allowed to get implants. Cancer or pre-cancer patients who have not received the needed treatment for their condition and women who are pregnant or already nursing at the time of the augmentation complete the list.

FAQs Before Getting Breast Implants

The implants will not last a lifetime and there might be a need to get additional surgery.

A good majority of the changes to the breast are irreversible. So when you later on decide you do not want them anymore, there is a chance that you would experience the permanent and unsightly dimpling, wrinkling, and puckering of the breasts.

Mothers who value breastfeeding should steer clear from implants because they shall affect your capability to provide milk to your child. It can be anywhere from a minor reduction to the complete elimination of milk production.

Implants are prone to rupture, yet it silently happens and will not be easily detected by your doctor. To be sure that the implants are still in good shape, you should get an MRI three years after the augmentation and then a precautionary check two years after for as long as the implants are inside your breasts. Once a rupture is determined, the doctor should remove the implants with the option to replace it or leave it without a replacement. In relation to this, expect an increase in the difficulty to get a routine screening mammography and other examinations for breast cancer.

Request your doctor to teach you how to distinguish what the breast tissue is from the implant. The symptoms of a ruptured implant include the hard knots or lumps found in the surrounding areas and in the armpits. Also take note of changes in the size or shape of the breasts as well as pain or a tingling sensation in the breasts. As soon as you notice any of the symptoms, go straight to your doctor and have the ruptured implants immediately.

Things to Tell Your Doctor Before Augmentation

It is important for your doctor to know if you have an autoimmune disease like lupus, any planned chemotherapy and radiation therapy after breast implant placement, and conditions that would stop the healing of the wounds and blood clotting.

Most importantly, make the doctor aware of any clinical diagnosis of depression or mental health disorders.

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Image Source:Pixabay


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