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Breast Implants: Psychological Effects on Self Esteem

How we are perceived by others can sometimes get to us, but it can also be productive when channeled the right way. However, there are those who dare to go the extra mile just to leave the best impression. One of these measures would be getting surgical cosmetic procedures, with breast implants among the most popular. For the patient, it seems like the best solution and everything shall be alright as soon as they get these implants. But that is definitely not the case.

Establishing the Beauty Truth

On the outside, people who are blessed with great looks appear to have it easier as they appear to be more confident or happier than those who are not so well endowed with captivating profiles. Ironically, that is not exactly the truth. Psychological studies have shown that happiness is just as elusive as it is for the beautiful ones as it is for the others. In order to get a more accurate picture of happiness for people in general, you need to know the differential consequences of self-perceptions and other’s perceptions as far as physical attractiveness is concerned.

Beauty Doesn’t Guarantee Happiness

Having established that, the studies have revealed that there is no relationship between others’ standards of attractiveness and the person’s happiness. This simply, and surprisingly, means that the more physically attractive ones are not happier on average.

On the other hand, and more importantly so, the self-perceptions of physical attractiveness significantly and positively relate to the person’s happiness. Such findings prove that it is easy for people to feel unattractive compared to other’s perception about you. At the end of it all, no other opinion shall matter except for your opinion, no matter how far it is from the reality of things.

Considering the mentioned statements, you get to have a bigger perspective on how breast augmentation affects the patients after the procedure. A lot of patients get their augmentations for different reasons. However, for those who get the procedure to come out more attractive after, they should know exactly what they are getting themselves into.

Studies have shown a wide variety of reactions and outcomes from the surgery. This includes anxiety, depression, social phobia, and body dysmorphia on the downside, especially when unrealistic expectations are set and not achieved. On the other hand, when the procedure is sought with realistic expectations and achieved through qualified surgeons, it offers life satisfaction, self-efficacy, self-esteem, and goal attainment. In the end, it all boils down to expectations.

When Expectations Don’t Meet Reality

Women have different reasons for getting breast augmentation. There are those who have asymmetrical breasts, underdeveloped ones, and the ones that need reconstruction because of cancer. Such reasons normally lead to an improvement in one’s self-esteem. But if your unhappiness is an overall situation and is not focused on one part of the body, the breast implants will not give you the happiness that you need.

That is why most women who desire for breast augmentation do not really suffer from body image problems and are less embarrassed about their breasts to the point that they spent less time worrying about how they look. They wanted to fix that one part of their body and that’s it.

An Important Reality

Unlike diamonds, implants do not really last forever. The truth is, a majority of patients have at least another implant after the first. More importantly, the breasts actually change naturally as a woman ages and this should be included in the bigger picture when the patients are just starting to know more about breast augmentation. At the end of the day, the implants should look as great as the body that hosts it and this makes breast augmentation a lifelong commitment. By giving the patient this bigger picture, the expectations are accurately set and the patient is conditioned for the long haul.

The Psychological Issues

Pre-Operation Blues

Oftentimes the women who want to get this procedure come into the clinic to improve issues on self-confidence and self-image. Such concerns just make it so easy for the women to feel unattractive and they are not exactly the best jump-off points toward getting their boobs done.

From that situation, a lot of patients are not properly informed about the procedure before they had them. This lack of preparation usually happens when the concern of the surgeon is just the money that he shall earn from the patient as he chooses to highlight the financial cost of the procedure and not the physical and emotional ones. Some surgeons push for the patient to get the procedure that they leave out the other risks such as deflation or breakage. Though they are pretty rare, such concern should still be discussed.

Post-Surgery Issues

Choosing to get breast augmentation is understandably a psychologically draining experience for the women who want it. To make it complicated, every woman has a different reaction to the procedure, depending on mental state and motivation for getting the procedure in the first place and the accuracy of the expectations.

Like when the woman sees the boob job as an empowering tool and fails to get the attention of the people who matter to her the most, it will be a big blow to the reality that she has always dreamed off. For this reason, a careful evaluation of the situation should be done before finally getting it done on the patient.

Possible Negative Effects of Uninformed Breast Augmentation on the Brain

When reality and expectations are not met, some very dire consequences can happen to the woman who is now left with two silicone implants inside her.

The great disappointment that they had from results of the surgery deeply affected their self-esteem and self-confidence, causing them to be severely depressed. It is sad to note that they believed the procedure would give them a new life and create a new person out of them, but in the end, the surgery simply highlighted the flaws instead. It is for this reason that surgeons who recognize such women should refer them to a psychologist first before performing anything at all, as realistic expectations are essential before going in.

That is why it is crucial that the seriousness of getting a boob job done is leveled off from the beginning during consultation. An honest discussion between patient and doctor must be established to carefully cover all the details about the procedure — from expectations, how the procedure will be done, and all the possible effects and post-surgery activities that need to be done.

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10 Common Breast Augmentation Mistakes


For women who are not so well endowed with form and volume on their bust, a breast augmentation procedure is definitely a heaven sent.

This is why this particular surgery remains to be at the top procedures performed in 2013 worldwide with a total of 1,773,584, according to the numbers gathered by ISAPS (International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery). But as much as this surgery is done by the millions, it doesn’t mean that all of these are success stories.

There are some who encountered a few problems that range from the minor to more serious concerns. To avoid these, here are ten of those common mistakes and how best you can avoid them.

 1. Doing it for the wrong reasons

One of the biggest mistakes you could do to your body would be to alter anything just to impress someone. Changing your body drastically for others and yet remain unsure of it is definitely something you should never do. If you have to make the decision to go under the knife or not the decision is yours alone.

There are a lot of reasons for women to undergo breast augmentation surgery. Some are new moms who wish to improve the appearance of their breasts, others wish to correct breast asymmetry, and there are those who wish to go through it due to a mastectomy. But if you simply want it done because you think this would make someone like you more, this doesn’t always guarantee that you will be happy with it yourself.

 2. Not asking the right questions

Breast augmentation is a serious procedure, and it is something that you should not take lightly especially when going through the consultation. Before you head into a surgeon’s clinic, it would be wise to arm yourself with the right questions. This way, you can get all the information you need to make an informed decision. Here are some of the important questions you can ask:

  • How many years of cosmetic surgery training have you had?
  • Are you a certified practicing cosmetic surgeon? If not, why?
  • Do you have an accredited surgical facility?
  • How long have you been performing breast augmentation surgery?
  • Am I a good candidate for breast implants?
  • What shape, size, texture, placement and incision site would be appropriate for me?
  • How many revisions of your own work have you done?
  • What are the risks and complications associated with breast augmentation?
  • Can I see some before and after photos?
  • Can I speak to some of your past clients?
  • What can be expected after the breast augmentation results?
  • How long is the recovery period and what will it be like?

3. Failure to carefully choose a surgeon

One of the biggest factors that play an important role in a successful breast augmentation procedure is to choose a good surgeon. Sometimes relying on referrals alone, without looking into the history and credentials of the doctor is not a smart thing to do. You have to be very critical in choosing your surgeon because there are a lot of those who claim to be one but are not really up to the task of delivering safe and quality results. It is very important that you evaluate your doctor’s training and credentials.

4. Failure to ask if they are a good candidate

Never let the excitement or desire to get breast implants clouds your better judgment of asking whether you are a good candidate for the procedure. You have to ensure that you are because there are serious complications that could stem out in missing this crucial step.

Also in doing so, you also have to be very honest with your surgeon when he interviews you to check if indeed you are a good patient for breast augmentation.

5. Choosing the wrong size

Choosing the right size as your breast implants may sound sexy at first, but it can be a decision that you just might be sorry about. Just take you queue from The Hills star, Heidi Montag, herself. The small sized reality star decided to go for F cups, which was a decision she would soon later regret. In 2013, Heidi decided to go get a breast reduction and go down to a C after realizing that her oversize breasts were causing her to suffer from neck and spinal pain.

Overdoing it can lead to disastrous results. And in this case, it can already be a hazard to your health. This is why choosing the right size according to your body type is very important. Just as you would go fitting a dress, you also need to evaluate whether a certain cup size is appropriate for your particular frame. Otherwise, it might look too fake and disproportionate, defeating the purpose of enhancing your looks.

6. Choosing the wrong type of implant

Choosing between silicone and saline is something that also has to be decided upon closely. The outcome, the durability and long term effects of either of these implants are important factors to consider. There are some women who would do well with a certain type of implant over the other because factors like skin tissue thickness and breast tissue also has to be taken into consideration.

7. Choosing the wrong implant texture

This is also a very important consideration when planning to undergo breast augmentation because this can also affect the overall outcome. These are information that should be discussed to you by your surgeon during the consultation.

A good surgeon will determine which among the different textured implants would do well with your case. For instance, a textured implant, although mostly preferable for most because it reduces the risk for shifting, it doesn’t necessarily mean to be the right choice in every case.

8. Not wearing your surgical bra as recommended

A surgical bra is an important part of the immediate post operative process because it keeps everything in place. It also prevents further swelling and pain, thus promoting a faster recovery. Usually, the surgeon orders post-surgical patients to continue wearing this bra, days after the procedure.

Unfortunately, some patients prefer to rush through this stage and choose to forego with the extra support provided by surgical bras. If you become impatient, you fail to give your implants to be properly positioned as it heals. Don’t rush into the need to transition into your Victoria Secret bras without really ensuring that the area is actually ready.

9. Not getting your new breasts sized

One of the common mistakes that women make after breast augmentation is not getting their new breasts sized for their new bras. Some think that just because they went up this certain size, the size of the brassiere readily follows. But the truth is that brassieres don’t come in standard sizes. So what may be a double D in one brand may not necessarily be the same in another. This is why you have to be fitted accordingly so that you give your breasts the best support it needs.

10. Still using the same bra

Still using the same bra after breast augmentation just because it looked cute, or it gave you the cleavage you want is not a smart move. Now that you have augmented breasts, you have to know that your twins will now need a different kind of support and fit to maintain the structure.